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Ripe Products and Purchasing

Ripe Organic 5-Grain Mush
Five Canadian-grown organic grains: barley, kamut, oatmeal, rye and spelt are combined with a mixture of spices to solve the questions, “How can I ensure my child has a full tummy,” and “What can I bake to have the aroma of gingerbread waft through the house?” Use the grains to make a yummy and hearty porrige that can be eaten alone as a hot cereal or combined with yogurt, smoothies, fresh fruit, raisins, or soup to make any meal more satisfying. The mixture is sugar-free so parents can control the level of sweetness. 

Each bag contains 12 servings for $8.50


Ripe Kamoo Bars

Made from organic ground grains and fresh produce, our tasty and healthy treats are just the right size to be held by small hands. Twice baked, these gourmet biscotti come in three flavours. Suitable for children 10 months and older and as mature as Mommy or Daddy. They are a perfect finger food for snacking at the table or on the go. 

All Kamoo Bar flavours are wheat-free, dairy free, nut-free and contain no white sugar.

  • Organic Apple, Carrot and Oatmeal
  • Organic Cranberry, Apple and Kamut
  • Organic Pear and Kamut
  • Organic Spiced Pumpkin and Spelt   
  • Organic Rhubarb, Apple and Spelt  

(Flavours may change without notice. Availability will be confirmed at time of order)        

Each bag contains 10 bars for $7.50


All Ripe products may be purchased at up coming Coquitlam Farmers Markets or through our retail partners. For the time being we are not offering a delivery service.

If you have special circumstances email or call us at 604-805-3155 with the details and we will do our best to serve your needs.

5-Grain Organic Mush is available at:
Organic Acres Market
Galloway's Specialty Foods

Kamoo Bars are available at: 
Organic Acres Market
Stomping Grounds Cafe
Organics at Home
Gallaghers Coffee Bar

We are always looking to add to our retail locations so let us know if you'd like Ripe products available in your local shopping place. 

For details on the ingredients we use or nutritional facts, please email us at

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